Meet the Expert: Jeff Zimmerman, Vice President of FBO Services

news | Jun 15, 2019


Jeff Zimmerman is a true fanatic of all things tech and transport. Whether it is piloting an airplane, helming a boat to the Bahamas, or flying a drone to capture it all, Jeff is always surrounding himself with machines. So running operations for one of the top FBOs in the country means he is always in his happy place. Jeff brings his passion for “things-that-go” through the doors of Million Air Dallas every day, and it shows in the first-rate ground services offered by him and his team. Jeff has been working in aviation for 23 years and his experience is invaluable to making Million Air Dallas run at peak performance so you can take it to the skies.

Q: How were you introduced to aviation?

A: My Grandfather, a WWII Air Force Pilot, got me interested in flying. From there, I learned to fly from a WWII Navy Pilot and just never looked back. I was amazed how easy it was to jump in a plane and go from Point A to Point B. The utility of aviation is what drove me and kept my interest.

Q: What got you interested in working for an FBO?

A: I learned to fly at a very small airport without an FBO. My first FBO experience was when I flew the Cessna 152 to a much larger airport and taxied up to something called an FBO. They didn’t know I was coming, yet they met me on the ramp, marshaled me to a parking spot, then rolled out a red carpet for this little ol’ 152 driver. I was blown away! The fact that somebody would roll out a red carpet for such a small aircraft was something that has lived with me forever and has made me want to deliver that same “WOW experience” to as many other people as possible.

Q: What do you love about working for Million Air Dallas?

A: It’s a true honor to direct a legendary FBO that has won high honors for so many years. I remember back to when I chose Million Air Dallas as our preferred FBO while working for previous flight departments. The same reasons I chose this FBO as a customer remain my highest goals. And we all know goals are meant to be surpassed!

Q: How do I know I am getting quality fuel from Million Air Dallas?

A: We work with and purchase our fuel from the leading General Aviation fuel supplier, Avfuel Corporation. Through their meticulous quality requirements at the point of origin, our stringent testing when receiving the fuel, our utilization of state of the art fuel tanks and trucks, and the filtering of fuel no fewer than three times between the tanker truck and your aircraft, you can be assured the fuel you receive has passed multiple tests, filtering, and is of the purest quality possible.

Q: Do you offer perks or discounts to those who land with Million Air Dallas?

A: Of course we do! From baseball tickets, to promotional items, to operational perks such as valet parking and plane to car service, there’s never a shortage of “WOW moments” at Million Air Dallas. You want discounts? We’ve got those too! Our retail pricing is already lower than most local FBOs, but with contract fuel and based customer loyalty discounts, you simply can’t find a better value.

Q: How important is safety to Million Air Dallas?

A: Safety is paramount. Let’s face it, airports can be a dangerous environment. Our staff is trained not only to keep themselves and their customers’ assets safe, but to keep you safe too. We are constantly monitoring pedestrian and vehicular traffic on the ramp to ensure you and your guests’ personal safety. From the top of the organization, and as a multi-aircraft operator ourselves, we understand the value of a safe environment and we have all signed off on the company’s safety policy. Ask to see it next time you’re here!

Q: What is True Fuel Plus?

A: True Fuel Plus was our way to show our customers that we were serious about being open and transparent. When we launched the program in October 2018, we slashed our retail pricing by greater than 25% and converted all discount programs from “retail minus” to “cost plus”. It was also important that we maintain the same customer experience that you have come to expect, even if we do make a little less on every gallon of fuel. This is the “Plus” in True Fuel Plus.

Q: Does Million Air Dallas offer any other services besides FBO ground handling services?

A: Absolutely! We offer the best aircraft management service in the D/FW metroplex comprised of approximately 17 jet aircraft, most of which are available for charter. These jets range from a Citation Jet all the way up to Global Express, Gulfstream IV, G450, and G650 aircraft. And to top it all off, we can help you buy or sell an aircraft through our aircraft acquisitions department. We are truly a one-stop-shop for your corporate aviation needs!

Q: What makes Million Air Dallas unique to other FBO companies?

A: Without question, it’s our staff. We have the best employees an FBO Manager could want. This staff has won so many awards over the years, it’s humbling. As we celebrate our 35th anniversary, we look back to the foundation that was set in 1984. Our founder built a beautiful facility and hired a staff that has a heart for service for both our guests and each other. What more could you ask for when laying out the culture for your business?

Q: When you aren’t running the FBO Services at Million Air Dallas, what do you like to do?

A: I enjoy time with my family by coaching my son’s basketball and baseball teams. Of course, that is when we’re not on the lake or boating in Florida or the Bahamas. Remote control airplanes and drones remains a hobby and reminds me where this wild ride all began.

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