the highest level of safety andconsistency in the industry


  • dedicated full-time director of safety

    Million Air Dallas employs a dedicated full-time Director of Safety who is responsible for overseeing Million Air Dallas’ Safety Management System (SMS) and ensuring that Million Air Dallas complies with all applicable safety regulations and best practices. Our Director of Safety plays a critical role in maintaining, and strengthening, the strong safety culture we have in place across every department within the company.

  • safety systems

    safety management system

    To ensure we provide the highest level of safety and compliance, Million Air Dallas has in place a fully functioning Safety Management System (SMS) designed to help the organization identify potential safety hazards, assess risks, implement effective risk mitigation strategies as well as establish policies and procedures to ensure we encompass industry best practices.

    faa sms voluntary program, active conformance

    In 2018, Million Air Dallas entered the FAA Safety Management System Voluntary Program (SMSVP), which was introduced as a method for Part 135 operators to have an SMS that conformed to 14 CFR Part 5, which is the regulation that applies to the Safety Management System requirement for the US major and regional airlines. In October of 2021, Million Air Dallas successfully completed an FAA demonstration audit and is now recognized as “Active Conformance” status in the SMSVP indicating that Million Air Dallas Jet Management has an FAA-accepted SMS that meets all 14 CFR Part 5 requirements.

    quality assurance system

    Million Air Dallas has an established Quality Assurance System which, to ensure impartiality and autonomy, is separate from our maintenance organization. The purpose of our Quality Assurance System is to verify the maintenance and servicing on our aircraft is performed in accordance with standard airworthiness procedures and applicable FAA regulations. In addition, the system provides for continuing surveillance of our maintenance and support operations to assure that everyone associated with our operation is following company policies, procedures, and FAA regulations.

    departure release

    At Million Air Dallas, our Flight Release System is designed to add another layer of safety for both our crew and passengers. Before every flight, a Flight Operations Manager does a final check to ensure all regulatory and safety requirements have been met. And because we take every detail into account, the Flight Operations Manager reviews all flight planning and weather conditions before releasing any aircraft for departure.

  • recognition and awards

    At Million Air Dallas Jet Management, we stringently adhere to the highest level of safety standards in the industry and are recognized annually by the most prestigious independent auditing agencies for best practices in private aircraft services. Our continued commitment to safety has brought us recognition from those auditing agencies for consistently demonstrating that our Safety Management System exceeds industry best practices for all activities related to flight and ground operations.

    • argus platinum
      1. ARGUS Platinum The ARGUS Platinum rating is recognized worldwide as a mark of safety excellence and is often used as a criterion for selecting aviation service providers, including aircraft management companies and charter operators.
    • is-bao stage 3

      ISBAO stands for International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations, and it is a set of best practices developed by the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) to enhance safety and efficiency and designed specifically for business aviation operations. ISBAO Stage 3 is the highest level of certification awarded by the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (ISBAO) within the ISBAO program. To achieve Stage 3 certification, an audit of the operator must demonstrate an exceptional level of safety management and performance and that the operator has implemented a comprehensive safety management system that meets or exceeds international safety standards. It indicates that the operator has demonstrated a commitment to safety, implemented effective safety processes, and established a safety culture that permeates throughout the organization. Overall, ISBAO Stage 3 certification indicates that an operator has achieved the highest level of safety and operational excellence and is committed to ongoing safety improvement.

      Million Air Dallas earned, and has maintained, ISBAO Stage 3 certification since 2013.

    • faa diamond award of excellence for aviation maintenance technician training

      The Diamond Award is the highest level of recognition in the FAA’s Aviation Maintenance Technician Awards Program, and it is a symbol of excellence in the aviation industry. It is awarded annually to aviation maintenance technicians and organizations that have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to aviation maintenance training and safety and who demonstrated exceptional skill and knowledge in their field through continuous specialized training in aircraft maintenance. Every Million Air Dallas maintenance technician participates in the FAA’s Aviation Maintenance Technician Awards Program and Million Air Dallas has consistently been awarded the FAA Diamond Award of Excellence for Aviation Maintenance Technician Training.

  • pilot recruitment and training

    Million Air Dallas utilizes a state-of-the-art comprehensive training program that meets or exceeds FAA Air Carrier Standards. All pilots must successfully complete training and testing requirements prior to entering service as a pilot for Million Air Dallas. Prior to beginning flight training, each Million Air Dallas pilot goes through an extensive FAA required basic indoctrination course. This course provides training in Million Air Dallas’ policies, procedures, operating practices, FAA regulations, safety, crew resource management skills, security procedures, and emergency procedures. Flight training is conducted at either CAE or Flight Safety International, both of which are FAA approved Part 142 Training Centers using state-of-the-art level D full-motion flight simulators. All instruction and testing are conducted by fully trained and qualified instructors and FAA -designated examiners and check pilots.


your planet. our stewardship.

At Million Air Dallas, we are fully devoted to reducing our carbon footprint and achieving the ultimate goal of carbon neutrality. We believe that together, we can turn this vision into reality. After all, this planet is the only one we have, and it’s our responsibility to preserve it for future generations