Join the MAnext membership program and lock in perks all year.

Flying with Million Air Dallas just got even more rewarding. MAnext members enjoy a world of exclusive perks and discounts that take the charter experience to the next level.

Three tiers. A world of possibilities.

With three options to choose from offering hourly rate discounts per tier, it’s the smart way to step up to a higher level of luxury travel. And it’s only at Million Air Dallas.

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All MAnext members receive the following perks:

  • Significant hourly rate discounts on every flight
  • Locked-in hourly aircraft rates for the term of your agreement
  • No peak travel surcharges
  • Zero catering or ground transportation surcharges
  • Waived flight cancellation fees on in-fleet aircraft
  • No long-term contracts, balance is refundable any time without penalty
  • Zero initiation fees, no annual dues
  • Access to the private terminal for arrivals/departures at Addison Airport
  • 24/7 Flight Specialist access
  • Quick, signature-only bookings on all flights
  • Access to a luxury travel advisor
  • Unlimited complimentary Jet Ownership and Jet Management consultations

Ready to take your charter experience to the NEXT level?

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