passengers (up to)

6 cabin capacity

baggage capacity (up to)

74 cu ft

max range (up to)

3.2/ 1150 hours/miles

cruise speed

450 mph

  • citation CJ2
  • Max Speed: 480 mph
  • Cruise Speed: 450 mph
  • Max Passengers: 6
  • Cabin Length: 13 ft 7 in
  • Cabin Width: 4 ft 9 in
  • Cabin height: 4 ft 8 in
  • Max Range (half capacity) : 3.2 hours/1,150 miles
  • enclosed lavatory
  • hot coffee carafe
  • fresh ice compartment
  • leather captain’s chairs
  • personal reading lights
large rolling bagx2
weekender bagx4
golf club bagx1

the right jet for

your lifestyle


City pairs with Addison

  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Tampa, FL
  • Chicago, IL
  • Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

the arrangement


the start of your adventure


view the fleet

These pairs are cities the aircraft can travel to non-stop from Addison Airport. This assumes max load of passengers, average winds, average temperatures, average baggage weights and no weather issues.

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