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private jet managmentMillion Air Dallas is here for you well beyond your purchase. As a Jet Management client, our state-of-the-art facility and team of experts is always available to assist with every aspect of private jet management. From pilot hiring and training to hangar space to aircraft insurance, our experienced support team is happy to take care of the day-to-day management and overall care of your aircraft so you can focus on what’s important.

We only employ the most qualified candidates with extensive flight experience


Million Air Dallas maintains the highest level of airworthiness and aircraft operating standards


All Million Air Dallas operations are conducted in full compliance with all applicable regulations, as well as company policies and procedures


We have a dedicated flight operations team available to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year


Our operations team and flight crews have extensive training and experience operating flights all over the world, and we partner with the top handling agencies to ensure your international travel is as safe and seamless as a domestic flight


We partner with Global Guardian and MedAire to offer international security and medical attention in-flight or onground, anywhere in the world


Place your jet into our aircraft charter program and earn revenue on your asset to help offset the cost of ownership


When Million Air Dallas manages your aircraft, you receive quality service and the personal attention to detail you would expect from an experienced jet management company


revenue earning assetWhen you place your aircraft on the Million Air Dallas charter certificate, you have the opportunity to earn revenue on your asset. We handle every detail of private jet management, from aircraft maintenance and marketing to the time-consuming monthly accounting. Million Air Dallas will reconcile the day-to-day financial activity of your jet and present you with a comprehensive, itemized report detailing the total monthly costs and revenue accrued.

Our commitment to safety goes beyond procedure and protocol to ensure the comfort and welfare of our crew and passengers on every flight. We require the highest level of safety and consistency in the industry and are recognized annually by independent agencies for best practices in private jet services.

To provide the highest level of safety and compliance, Million Air Dallas operates in accordance with all federal and international agencies, including the Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Transportation, Transportation Security Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, International Civil Aviation Organization and the European Aviation Safety Agency and the International Business Council.

Million Air Dallas upholds the highest level of operating standards when it comes to safety. All aircraft inspections and maintenance are carried out in our 28,000-square-foot facility by certified technicians. Our maintenance technicians are factory trained and routinely go through intensive programs and courses to ensure they are current, compliant, and engage in industry best practices.
Private Jet Management Dallas - Professional Aircraft Mgmt Services – Million Air Dallas
Our cutting edge software, systems, and support from renowned international handling agencies allow us to generate prompt, accurate, and consistent quotes for international flights. Our operations team and flight crews have extensive training and experience operating flights to Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and the South Pacific. Our operations team is experts with quoting, scheduling and handling all aspects of international travel. We arrange catering, ground transportation, and ground security at your request, as well as all necessary and Customs and Immigration arrangements.
Private Jet Management Dallas - Professional Aircraft Mgmt Services – Million Air Dallas
Million Air Dallas provides a comprehensive monthly reporting of revenue, management and financial accounting when we manage your jet.  Each month, the total operational costs and charter revenue are sent to you as a single itemized statement.  The particulars of day-to-day financial activity are taken care of, saving you the hassle of sifting through piles of individual invoices and receipts, which can be a time-consuming administrative responsibility.  From trip reconciliation to invoicing to monthly reporting, we have got you covered.
Private Jet Management Dallas - Professional Aircraft Mgmt Services – Million Air Dallas
Million Air Dallas managed aircraft owners and charter clients have access to 4350, a uniquely private terminal and lounge, away from the bustle of our primary terminal. Enjoy a comfortable and quiet setting with fresh beverages, designer coffee, vaulted walls of windows offering beautiful views of the surrounding area and a fully stocked bar prior to your departure. A concierge is always on site to welcome and assist you with any of your travel needs.
Private Jet Management Dallas - Professional Aircraft Mgmt Services – Million Air Dallas

Million Air Dallas partners with Global Guardian and MedAire to offer international security and medical attention to our clients anywhere in the world. The Global Guardian Agency is a trusted resource for universal security and intelligence needs. Global Guardian provides services, including personal tracking, secure transportation, cyber security, surveillance, and intelligence.

MedAire’s MedLink Worldwide offers Million Air Dallas clients immediate access to physicians at a level-one trauma center who have extensive experience managing inflight medical events. Calls can be made directly from the aircraft by the flight crew from anywhere in the world. Once on the ground, MedLink Worldwide can offer complete coordination of ground medical resources and facilities such as doctors, clinics and hospitals.

the benefits of private jet management In addition to the quality service and maintenance you receive when Million Air Dallas manages your aircraft, you will enjoy the benefits of our purchasing power that reduces the overall cost of owning a jet

fuel Million Air Dallas managed aircraft receive a special home-base fuel pricing program that ensures your fuel costs are well below comparable operators on the airport. In addition, aircraft owners benefit from our worldwide fuel agreements, receiving pricing discounts that reduce the cost of fuel well below comparable airport fuel operators.

insurance Million Air Dallas is well established when it comes to private jet management. With over 30 years of impeccable service and an emphasis on quality maintenance and highly qualified and trained crew members, we have earned a reputation for safety and we are consistently offered some of the lowest insurance rates in the aviation industry.

parts Our in-house parts department can purchase aircraft parts at a discounted rate. And we pass that value on to the owners of the private jets we manage. The maintenance and service performed on Million Air Dallas managed jets is always priced competitively.

the basics

  • Where is my aircraft stored?
    Your aircraft will be stored in a secure and heated hangar at all times when at Million Air Dallas. All aircraft handling including, towing in and out of the hangar, is accomplished by trained and qualified Million Air Dallas Line Service Technicians.
  • How can I offset the cost of ownership?
    You can generate revenue to offset the cost of owning your aircraft by placing your aircraft in our aircraft charter program which is the largest program in the Dallas area. Million Air Dallas has a comprehensive marketing program that utilizes a professional advertising agency to market your aircraft for charter.
  • What is the jet management fee predicated on?
    • 24/7/365 scheduling and dispatching coverage
    • Flight crew management such as hiring, training, and payroll
    • Aircraft maintenance management
    • Account management and invoicing
    • Marketing you aircraft for charter opportunities and cost offset

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